A Collaboration Index

Going From the Survey to the Index

Our former Social Collaboration Survey has brought quantifiable insights to enterprise social networks by identifying the critical decisions that guarantee success. Those decisions have been now encapsulated in our Social Collaboration Maturity Framework to map key collaborative enablers and blockers such as:

  • Explicit business objectives collaboration is supporting
  • The prevalent organizational culture
  • The level of adoption reached across employees
  • The governance model, roles and responsibilities
  • The intensity of support in terms of community cultivation
  • The attitude and proficiency at measuring outcomes
  • The kind of integration between system of records and system of engagement
  • The nature of the available enterprise social software

The Social Collaboration Index is the readiness score resulting from assessing enterprise collaboration experiences through our Social Collaboration Maturity Framework. It can be applied both at the individual organization and at the industry level.

The Index is meant to act as a reference model that enables each entity to evaluate its level of ambition, available capabilities and the investments required to transform employee participation in measurable business value.

Social Collaboration Maturity Framework


The  Value to the Market and to participating organizations

Our experience with international organizations has consistently shown a generalized lack of a holistic approach to social collaboration. That approach often constitutes the distinctive factor in successful projects.

Aiming at success nonetheless requires a consistent, objective and comprehensive way to measure progress, together with a crisp awareness of the actions needed to move forward.

In an attempt to fill this gap, the Social Collaboration Index aims to:

  • Suggest a direction for a customer-driven, employee centric evolution of social collaboration practices against which firms can establish their ambition
  • Provide a common, quantitative and detailed framework to objectively analyze internal, often hard-to-see characteristics of Social Collaboration initiatives
  • Increase a market awareness about the dimensions that affect the most how much value Social Collaboration is able to generate
  • Build a maturity index for major industrial sectors as to allow every organization to compare itself against direct peers
  • Facilitate cross-industry dialogue based on the circulation of best practices, strategies and insights from other, even more advanced, sectors

Who is invited

Admitted Organizations

The Social Collaboration index is an open and inclusive project. The higher the participation, the better the quality of the resulting insights.

We are nonetheless aware that very diverse organizations may have extremely different needs, expectations and resources. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this work, we are then bound to limit this first phase to reasonably large companies.

A significant number of global leaders in Banking, Insurance, Pharma, Telecoms, Manufacturing and Consumer Products is already enthusiastically taking part to the study. We’ll keep adding more in the coming weeks.

If you are not participating yet, we strongly encourage you to do so especially if your firm is international and has at least 1.000 employees.  Please candidate yourself by filling up the participation form.

We particularly welcome individuals with direct responsibility over social collaboration, intranet, enterprise communities and other collaborative initiatives dedicated to employees regarding less of the department they belong to (i.e Information Technology, Internal Communication, Marketing, Human Resources, Organization, Lines of Business, etc)

What it takes to participate

After filling up our form, we’ll get in touch to confirm if your organization is entitled to participate. If that is the case, you’ll be asked to:

  • Complete a brief questionnaire aimed at assessing your organization collaborative readiness along 8 key dimensions including business, process integration, adoption, measurement and technology angles
  • Take part to a 1 hour long 1-to-1 interview meant to learn about your company’s social collaboration experience and to go deeper on some of the dimensions addressed by the questionnaire
  • Help us to populate a synthetic case study (1 page) that summarizes the project you are leading, its lessons learned and business outcomes

How the information is going to be used

The Social Collaboration Index is a free, public study conducted in our spare time and meant to benefit the entire enterprise collaboration community.

If not otherwise agreed, no confidential information will be collected or published in the study regarding participating organizations. Insights will be mostly based on anonymized and grouped data that cannot be associated to individual organizations.

The most innovative collaboration experiences will be invited to have their case study published in the final report. If you are among them, you’ll be able to decide if / how to be included and you (or your Communication department) will receive a preliminary version of the final report for approval.

What you will get

Why you should look into the Index

We believe there is a long list of reasons for playing an active role into this project. Please find a few below:

  • Helping the market to design and nurture more human organizations
  • Gaining privileged access to the Social Collaboration Maturity Framework
  • Learning how the framework works and how to apply it as a planning tool in your organization
  • Receiving your individual positioning on the Social Collaboration Maturity Framework in comparison to the industry
  • Being cited as a success story (where authorized) into the final report

Social Collaboration Maturity Model_Applied


How to get the report

The final report will be anticipated to participant organizations and made freely available online on this site (by filling a download form) as to generate the highest value possible for the market and the individuals that helped realizing it.

The Team

The Social Collaboration Index 2015 is an initiative launched by Stefano Besana and Emanuele Quintarelli

Stefano Besanawww.sociallearning.it

Emanuele Quintarelliwww.socialenterprise.it